Do this amazing thing everyday, and change the world

Do this amazing thing everyday, and change the world

This is really something amazing. It is completely free, won’t take any of your time and is already making a huge difference in developing countries. It is a web browser, available to download for your laptop, along with an app available for your phone –  and every time you use it, you are helping to plant trees.

The name of this internet browser is Ecosia, it works exactly the same as every other web browser you would use, it is just as fast, with some of the usual paid-for ads at the top of your search results (exactly the same as google), the difference being, that 80% of the profits go towards planting trees in developing communities. As well as rejuvenating the landscape and helping the environment, this provides a steady source of income for the communities in these areas, people are employed to plant the trees and they can be sustainably harvested to eat, and for produce to sell at local markets.

So far, Ecosia has 2 million active users, and together they have planted over 5 MILLION trees! Thats 5 million trees planted from users just sitting around using the internet how they would be doing anyway, but via this browser. How amazing is that! Just to add to your own sense of satisfaction, they have a tree counter at the top of the browser, that monitors how many trees you have planted based on your usage – I cannot think of a better reason to do a heap of online shopping or research some holiday locations…

I have just downloaded the app to my phone, and something I would suggest, is to move your current ‘Safari’ button (thats if you are using an iPhone) and replace it with the ‘Ecosia’ app button, so that it is in exactly the same place. If you are anything like me, your phone use is habitual and you will automatically go to the same place for internet, and this way, you won’t be accidentally be using Safari instead of this amazing app. I have the browser on my laptop too, and as I have written this blog post and done some messing around online, I have “planted” 3 trees! Incredible.

Start using Ecosia instead of your standard web browser, and help make this world better and greener, it won’t cost you a thing and it will make you feel good!

To find out more, or to download to your device – visit,

The link to the app on the app store for your iPhone, here

The link to Google Play for Androids, here


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