Fair Fashion Friday #010 : The florals edit

Fair Fashion Friday  #010 : The florals edit

Fair Fashion Inspo! Friday style…

Every Friday I post my favourite fair trade, sustainable, vegan friendly fashion outfit…

Its been a while since I’ve done a Fair Fashion Friday post, in my defence I have been sidetracked with a very tiny, very sweet human, but, my weekly post is BACK!

This week I’m exploring the floral dress trend for Spring/ Summer, and looking at what brands with a more ethical approach are offering… Sound good? Read on…


ethical fair-trade green fashion blogger ethical fair-trade green fashion blogger

Sunflower print slip dress from Monki 

A brand centered around social equality and empowering women, Monki regularly campaigns on a whole range of issues. They have a 100% organic cotton denim range, with a goal to only use recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030. All their stores and offices are powered by renewable energy and your old clothes can be recycled if dropped into their stores. Full ‘Monkifesto’ (including a great kitsch video on ‘How to be eco the lazy way’) available here. This sunflower print slip dress was the first one that caught my eye, but there are loads more dresses, including this floral shoulder tie dress, and floral wrap dress, on their website

  • £25
  • Available from the Monki website here


ethical green eco fashion blog

Long sleeved Floral Maxi from ASOS’s charitable initiative

Since 2010 ASOS has teamed up with the charitable initiative clothing workshop SOKO Kenya. Their latest ‘Made in Kenya’ range includes foliage prints and drawings from local school children turned into prints, all made under fair trade principles. The full range also includes denim and upcycled garments.

  • £65
  • ASOS Made in Kenya range, available here 


ethical fair-trade green fashion blogger ethical fair-trade green fashion blogger

Black & yellow wrap midi dress from Nobody’s Child

By dyeing their our own fabrics, designing and producing their own prints, and making their garments in their own factories (UK, Europe and Asia), Nobodys Child ensure a transparent supply chain, meaning they can produce fashion-forward garments, in a more ethical way.

  • £30
  • Available online at the Nobodys Child website here (they have other dresses worth checking out too)

ethical eco green fashion blog uk ethical eco green fashion blog uk

Strappy midi v-neck dress from Reformation

I love everything about Reformation! They have such great styles (this dress was one of many available from their website), and do a wide range of garments from dresses to jackets and everything in between (including mini Ref, recently launched for kids!). They use sustainable fabrics, including recycled materials and using energy saving practises throughout the production process, so they are able to list the water/ energy savings in each item. You can read more about their ethics here. 

  • $128 (approx £98)
  • Available online here

ethical fair-trade green fashion blogger

Red floral Off-the-Shoulder Dress from H&M Conscious

Made from recycled polyester, this red floral dress is part of the H&M ‘Conscious’ range. Opinions on whether buying from H&M can be classed as ‘ethical’ are divided, but my personal opinion is that a huge, international brand like H&M is not going anywhere, and it is upto us, the consumers, to show the brands that we want ethical production, sustainable materials and transparency in the supply chain (no child labour!). By supporting the area of their business that is dedicated to this, shows we are ‘conscious consumers’ and that change is welcomed / needed. What do you think?

  • £19.99
  • Available online here




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