Eco Edit meets…. Deanne, Founder @ Wild Thing Yoga

Eco Edit meets…. Deanne, Founder @ Wild Thing Yoga

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Eco Edit meets…

Welcome to Eco Edit meets… Our monthly feature where we interview someone influential in the world of green lifestyle. This month, we chatted to Deanne Oliver-Pickard, founder of Wild Thing Yoga to hear what she’s upto, her green beauty secrets, who would feature in her fantasy yoga session and her favourite hidden gem…

Hi Deanne! Thanks for joining us at Eco Edit. Lets start by hearing about your yoga  journey, when did you begin to practise?

I have been practising yoga for over 10 years. I was involved in car accident at 19 that left me with injuries rendering me unable to continue on with my dancing career the way I had always thought and I turned to yoga to work through my neck & back injuries. My Mom trained as a yoga teacher to help me & I found comfort in the practice.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is beneficial for almost everything: it helps with mental health, positivity & wellbeing, as well as flexibility – keeping bones & joints supple. Certain postures are great for the digestive system and keeping vital organs healthy. Healthy & happy in body & mind. 

How has it transformed your lifestyle?

For a long time I enjoyed yoga for exercise purposes but now yoga is a way of life. Its so much more than time spent moving through a sequence of postures on the mat. Having a yogic state of mind helps with day to life; to relieve stress – enabling you to see things differently or react to things differently. To relax and calm the mind, to think outside the box and see a much bigger picture, as it helps broaden the mind. 

Yoga has benefited my love life, my social life and general life – for that I’m eternally grateful. There is just no way you can not feel f**king amazing after practicing yoga!

Give us some words of wisdom?

Always follow your heart and stay true to yourself. 

In my classes I focus a lot on intuition with emphasis on nurturing the most important relationship there is, with yourself. Often we spread ourselves too thin, trying to keep everyone else happy but in turn neglecting ourselves…listen to yourself, be kind to yourself and be kind to others. 

Do you have any green beauty favourite products or secrets?

I love Neal’s Yard. They’re ethical products and smell really great – I love anything with rose or geranium! I swear by a hot water and lemon every morning to cleanse the system. 

What is your favourite meal?

I have to be honest, I just bloody love a pizza. Fortunately, there are some great vegan options nowadays. 

Favourite drink (alcoholic or non)?

I’m a sucker for a red wine, especially at this time of year to hunker down with.

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Tell us a hidden gem (anywhere in the world)

Shropshire (photos above of the hills and the upcoming retreat location). It’s where I’m from and it’s a beautiful countryside haven. So many people don’t know of it or have never been. It’s totally magical. The hills have such a great energy, being on top is a real cleanse and it’s one of my favourite places to be & to think. 

I got married there in August, which was a dream and on the 18th of this month (January) I’m hosting a 4-day wellness retreat with my friend Kim, from Happy Heads (a meditation & mindfulness coach) to start the New Year in a wonderful way. We have built a beautiful collaboration called ‘Happy & Wild’ where we have been hosting urban day retreats in London. We have this up coming venture, (full details can be found on Facebook (here), we only have a couple of spaces left and are so excited, its going to be wonderful!) with other retreat plans to head to Southern Spain in May & September and Ibiza & Morocco are also on the cards for next year… 

If you could have a fantasy yoga session with 3 famous people, (alive or dead) who would they be?

Kate Moss, Prince & Patrick Swayze. I mean…imagine!

If you could be granted had one wish, what would it be?

That people didn’t ever get sick and have life threatening or demobilising illness’. I don’t want to live forever – I just wish people didn’t have to suffer so much and in turn people didn’t get so lonely.

Tell us about your current yoga schedule.

I teach a weekly mindful flow at my local health practice in Hackney – it’s a really forward thinking NHS surgery who believe in offering in house yoga, meditation & mindfulness classes to help with mental health issues instead of prescribing pills or therapy. I’m all for this and have enjoyed building weekly classes.  

You can catch up with Deanne at any of her weekly classes,  or one of her upcoming events,

Every Tuesday 6.30-7.3pm – Richmond Road Medical Centre, Hackney.

Every Wednesday 7-8pm – Kreativ House Hackney.

13th January: Happy & Wild brunch event at Kreativ House, Hackney.

18th-21stJanuary: Happy & Wild wellness retreat in Ludlow, Shropshire.

25th February: Happy & Wild brunch event at Raw Press, Dover Street.

Get social with Deanne! You can find her doing her thing here, 

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