Eco Edit meets…. Natalie Kay, Founder @ Sustainably Chic

Eco Edit meets…. Natalie Kay, Founder @ Sustainably Chic

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Welcome to Eco Edit meets… Our monthly feature where we interview someone influential in the world of green lifestyle. This month, we chatted to the wonderful Natalie Kay, founder of Sustainably Chic, to hear why she started her blog, her green beauty secrets, and her favourite hidden gem…

Hi Natalie, thank you so much for joining us here at Eco Edit. We are huge fans of your blog, Sustainably Chic, can you tell us a little about your reasons for starting the blog?

I started Sustainably Chic as an outlet for me to speak about a topic I felt was extremely important. I had been interested in sustainable fashion for a few years prior, but didn’t feel like I was doing my part to spread the news on a more responsible industry. One day I thought, ‘I just need to start a blog so I feel like I’m doing something’. Took me about a day to come up with the name, I bought the domain, and the next day I wrote my first blog post {& I can’t believe that was almost 4 years ago!}.

Have you noticed a change in the fashion industry in the time you have been blogging?

Oh, definitely! There are so many more conscious brands and choice than when I first began. Even the big companies have started to adopt more sustainable business models. There is still a ton of work that needs to be done, but the last five years have shown a lot of improvement.

What would be your dream collaboration?

I, honestly, feel like I’m living a dream with this job everyday. I really love working with the small brands – it just seems more special to me because I feel as if my work is valued greater there.

How would you describe your style?

Good question! I’m pretty feminine, and I mostly love classic pieces I can wear year after year. Earth tones are my favorite color palette since I find them the easiest to pair. I kind of feel like I can love a little bit of everything in terms of style.

Who is your style icon and why?

Is it weird that I don’t have one? However, I do have a favorite era in fashion – the 50s. I’m a sucker for those dresses.

What are your ‘go to’ brands for fashion?

Since I’m pregnant, I’ve had to do a little shifting in my closet, but I’ve been so happy to still be able to wear my Sassind pieces since they are great for layering. I have a whole page on my site dedicated to brands I’ve come to love over the years.

What 3 tips would you give someone wanting to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?

  1. Figure out what you value most. Is it good food, good clothes, travel – a combination? Spend time deciding how those certain things can be more sustainably experienced.
  2. Do your research. There is a lot of green washing, and marketing can get the best of us.
  3. Live life more slowly. I feel like many of us are always in a rush, and when that happens we lose sight of what matters most. If we can just stop & think about how our purchases and lifestyle affects others, this world can be a much better place for everyone.

Do you have any green beauty favourite products or secrets?

Less is more! I don’t use a lot of makeup {most days I don’t wear any at all} so my skin has a lot of time to breath. If I do use anything, it’s always non-toxic with limited ingredients. I love Orenda Skincare for washing and moisturizing my face, and We Love Eyes is great for getting stubborn eye makeup off. I think long lashes and thick brows are gorgeous, and I have Plume Science and my pregnancy to thank for that!

What is your favourite meal?

At the moment, I am loving grilled cheese & tomato soup. Nothing more cozy than that!

Favourite drink (alcoholic or non)?

I love a good cab, and can’t wait for a big glass after this baby arrives!

Tell us a hidden gem (anywhere in the world)

Christmas time in Zermatt, Switzerland – a true winter wonderland!

If you could be granted had one wish, what would it be?

Days could be just a little longer 😉  I’m sure most people can relate, but I feel as if I don’t get as much done as I would like every day. They go by so quickly & before you know it, it’s time for bed. Like, where did it go?! There is so much work to be done, and time is getting away from me.

Thank you so much Natalie!

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