Under the floral spell, how to create the most dreamy & magical bathtime

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One of my favourite hashtags on Instagram is #underthefloralspell. I have seen floral baths and made a mental note a while back to try one. They look so dreamy and I knew the girls would love it!

Here are my tips for making your own magical bath time…

  • Collect some flowers and foliage. Our were from our garden and I trimmed off some carnation heads that we had in a jar (they can still be displayed after the stems have been trimmed, on a saucer or shallow pot). This is a really nice activity to include the children in too and adds to the excitement!
  • Check flowers and foliage for little bugs and rehome them back in the garden if so
  • Run the bathwater. We didn’t use any bubbles, but we did add a touch of lavender oil. Any essential oil is good, and suitable for children, as long as you only use a few drops
  • Take some snaps. They really do make for beautiful photos, and ones of your children (and you!) that you will treasure forever.
  • Relax and enjoy!

Our bath time was accompanied by some organic soaps from Simply Soaps, that are handmade using natural ingredients with beautiful natural fragrances from essential oils (like neroli and geranium). Because they contain nut butters, coconut oil and natural ingredients, they don’t dry your skin and they are also made with biodegradable packaging!

Simply soaps also do a range of lovely natural and organic skincare. I have been using the Rosa Passionata Nourishing Facial Serum which contains passionfruit seed oil and a high volume of rose petals (4 kilos of rose petals yields 1gm of rose oil!). Its so luxurious and moisturising, and feels like such  treat when applied. With the anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant ingredients it leaves skin silky smooth and also protected from wrinkle formation, tissue damage and ageing.

For more info and to purchase, check out their website , prices starting from £2.79.

Have you ever had a floral bath? Its so special, I recommend everyone to try it, even just once. I think we’ll be making them a regular treat in our house, theres nothing quite like adding a touch of magic to your day.

Roxy x

Photos taken with iPhone7


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