Laundry for days… And a GIVEAWAY!

vegan lifestyle blog ethical green living family eco friendly

vegan lifestyle blog ethical green living family eco friendly  vegan lifestyle blog ethical green living family eco friendlyvegan lifestyle blog ethical green living family eco friendly

Ok we need to talk about laundry! I feel like I’m drowning in it most of the time and it’s such a mum-cliche but where does it all come from!? I try and get as many wears as possible from my clothes, both to be environmentally friendly and preserve the life in them, but I still do a full load of washing 5 days a week. And then theres the really boring bit, folding and putting it all away is one of my worst household chores! But, compared to some I’ve got it pretty easy, if you follow The Only Girl In The House you’ll probably already know that with 5 sporty boys in the house she has the ultimate home laundry set up (not joking – check this out!)

One of my posts which generates the most traffic is this one – cruelty free and vegan friendly washing detergents.
Lots of the mainstream brands are tested on animals, not just the finish product for sensitivity testing, but the individual ingredients too. Not only that but many contain animal ingredients such as tallow (cow fat) and other processed animal fats, which are used as a surfactant in laundry products, and enzymes, obtained from the organs of animals, apparently to improve the cleansing affect in soap production. If thats not enough to put you off – lots of the mainstream ingredients are irritants and linked to various cancers and nerve disorders, plus the toxic run off can damage waterways and wildlife, bad news all round.

So, when Seventh generation got in touch I was delighted to give their products a go. A much loved and trusted brand in the US – they are finally available now in the UK. Vegan friendly and cruelty free from start to finish, they are an eco friendly range of cleaning products that don’t contain any nasty ingredients, safe for us, safe for the environment. To celebrate their UK launch, they are running the #comeclean campaign and encouraging us all to ask what is in our cleaning products, and why are they bright colours?!

I have got a promo code for you to get a discount on these eco friendly cleaning products (see below) but even better – you can also bag yourself a whole hamper of cleaning goodies, including washing up liquid, stain fighting washing detergent, stain fighting washing detergent for sensitive skin, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner and all purpose cleaner.

Its really easy to enter, just see my latest Instagram post here .
I’ll be announcing the winner via Instagram on Thursday 22nd June 2017.

  • Seventh Generation is available to buy from Tesco using the discount code GRXN7Y
  • Eco friendly, cruelty free and suitable for vegans
  • Find out more about Seventh Generation here

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