Moving house and a luxurious vegan friendly textiles brand

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vegan sustainable ethical lifestyle blog fashion beauty home

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vegan sustainable ethical lifestyle blog fashion beauty home

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vegan sustainable ethical lifestyle blog fashion beauty home

vegan sustainable ethical lifestyle blog fashion beauty home

So we did it! We are in! Our new home is wonderful, nestled in a valley, follow the fast flowing river upstream, next to a little stone bridge, with ancient trees looming overhead and a wide sandy beach at the bottom of our road, you can find us, right there. When I visited prior to the sale, the energy of the house really struck me, you could just sense that it was steeped in history (it is a victorian villa built in 1865) and had been so deeply loved. The previous owners lived there for over 30 years and you could feel that it held cherished memories, which we are so lucky to continue with our young family.

Lyra and Marnie are thrilled to have their own bedrooms (I don’t know about all twins but there is a definite need for ours to assert their independence and identity at this ‘threenager’ stage…) and once the en suite is completed we will be moving into the attic room bedroom. We have had the majority of the house painted, damp works and joinery done throughout, and are planning more work in the new year, turning the old blacksmiths barn that is adjoining the house, into a kitchen / diner/ day room.

The majority of the furniture I bought with us from our old house, a mish mash of antiques, and a few upcycled charity shop finds. Although the house is no where near yet how I would like it, one room that has been the first to come together is the snug. A cosy room with original panelled walls, original mantelpiece, a woodburner and ceiling rose, it houses the only television in the house and I have imposed it a ‘no toys zone’. In time I may paint and wallpaper it dark to create an opulent evening room, but for now it is bright, and fresh and housing plants that haven’t yet found their permanent home in the house, a huge amethyst geode that was a birthday gift from me to Alex several years ago, plus one of my favourite antiques, a floor standing candelabra that I picked up from a flea market a decade ago and have treasured ever since. I have been on the lookout for some new additions for this room, to make it cosy and comfortable, the winters are dark and cold in the Isle of Man and I want this room to be our sanctuary, so when Sophie from Vextiles got in touch, I was delighted to hear about her brand. After becoming vegan, she realised that luxury cushions were all filled with down (often from birds that are plucked whilst alive), so Sophie set about launching her own brand using only vegan friendly filling, that was luxurious and not at all a compromise. All Vextile items are expertly handmade in England and each cushion cover is made using recycled materials from factory fabric off-cuts, cotton calico and certified organic cotton thread. The current range includes cushions in muted colours with luxurious cluster fibre filling, perfect for people with allergies, as well as those who want a cruelty free home. I love connecting with people who share the ethos I do, but these products are not just for vegans or vegetarians, simply anyone who doesn’t want to cause any suffering and wants to promote sustainability around their home, without compromising on the product.

As for our house, I will update when we have made some more progress, but for now, still semi living out of boxes and getting acquainted with the nooks and crannies, the way the light hits at different times of the day, the feel of the door handles and bannisters, strolling around the local area and becoming friendly with the birds who we share the garden with, we are utterly cherishing these days, that are the beginning of a new chapter for us all.

Read more about sustainable, vegan friendly textiles brand Vextile over at

Cushions starting @ £29 with free UK shipping



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