Sleeping easy with an ethical mattress & tips for getting the perfect sleep

Sleeping easy with an ethical mattress & tips for getting the perfect sleep

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Whether you’re a mum or not, it seems lots of us suffer the consequences of interrupted and inconsistent sleep. With 3 little ones in our household, those restful hours spent snoozing and easing into the weekend at our leisure are most definitely over, but that doesn’t mean we should be giving up on getting the most rest we can. For serotonin to replenish (the feel good hormone) we need to get 6 hours straight sleep, and insufficient sleep can be the cause of anxiety, stress, inability to concentrate and of course, those mega under eye bags…  So when Leesa got in touch to tell me about their ethical mattress which promised a great sleep I was delighted to find out more.

Leesa was set up in 2015, with a social mission forming a key part of their business: for every mattress sold they plant a tree to offset their carbon omissions, and they donate one mattress to charitable organisations for every ten sold. Leesa was set up in America but soon began trading in the UK and they have been proud to support various homeless shelters with mattress donations, including Single Homeless Project in London, Mustard Tree, Betel, and Manchester City Mission in Manchester, and the Wallich in Cardiff.

Their commitment to giving back to communities and sustainable practices, has seen them awarded with B-Corp certification – a body that recognises sustainable practices in for-profit organisations, to be awarded this prestigious title, the business needs to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Their mattresses are an innovative design of 3 Avena foam layers , these adjust to your body to offer optimum support and comfort but spring back much more quickly and are more durable than traditional memory foam (latex), so you don’t get sunken spots over time. It also keeps your body warm without over heating, and is completely recyclable. It sounded great so I gave it a go. The box arrived and we rolled out the mattress, eager in anticipation to try it…

So how was it?

Let me just remind you that I have three year old twins and a nursing 10 month old baby, so I’ll be real and tell you I did not sleep straight through the night, but that was certainly nothing to do with the mattress… I can honestly say I felt so comfortable and the hours I did sleep, proved to be the most restful I have had in recent times. My body was perfectly supported and I felt so snug all night, the improvement from our old mattress was immediately noticeable. I am thrilled with our new mattress,  it is so blissfully cosy, we haven’t looked back.

My tips for getting a good nights sleep

  • Melatonin is the sleep hormone, that we produce naturally in the body, but jet-lag, insomnia, stress and the clocks changing can throw that out of sync, so giving yourself a natural boost is a great way to rectify this. One of the only foods that has high enough levels to make a difference are sour cherries, you can see a recipe for a smoothie over on Lizzie Loves Healthy’s blog post here.
  • No phones or devices before bed. This rule makes such a difference to my quality of sleep. Can’t resist? Charge it in a different room instead and leave it there until the morning.
  • We bath/ bottle/ bed our babies, but when it comes to ourselves we get a little slack. Humans are creatures of habit and forming little evening rituals, whether its your skincare routine, a herbal tea or something more practical like mine (I like to make sure the kitchen is clean and ready for the morning, I even get our coffee cups out), these small actions can help settle our minds and prepare us for much needed rest.
  • We all know about Lavender but what about Magnesium? Magnesium is a mineral found in low levels of lots of foods (like avocados, cashews, dates), it is crucial for winding down muscles and deactivating adrenaline, but it is estimated that 75% of the population are deficient. We recently began using a spray after hearing so many people swear by it.  You can take capsules or try a spray like ours.
  • Get yourself a super comfy Leesa mattress, with the special offer of £80 off, by clicking this link.

Ultimate comfort from an ethical mattress company that gives back ? Now we really can sleep easy.

Roxy x

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