My Spring Skincare Edit

My Spring Skincare Edit

So a lot has changed since my last skincare post, and I’m now a full time mum to three little ones, all under the age of three! Its wonderfully chaotic and busy and no surprise that I have even less time for my beauty routine, but, its still really important to me to take care of myself, and my skin, and squeeze in as much grooming as I can.

If you follow my blog then apologies as I am repeating myself her,e but I think its always worth mentioning – majority of high street brands are tested on animals, either themselves or by parent or affiliate companies. Majority of these products also contain animal products, from the meat and dairy industries that are known to be disruptive to health and to be honest I find it weird – like, do I really want to rub cow fat on my face? Hence why, when looking for skincare and beauty products, I’m always checking that they are specifically “suitable for vegans”. If you want to know more about these animal ingredients, and what to look out for, I wrote a blog post about it here.

That said, there are loads of cruelty free, natural, organic and vegan friendly skincare products available, ranging from basic brands to the super luxe, these are ones I currently have in my arsenal …

Neal’s Yard Intense Concentrate Serum and Intense Concentrate Cream

“Clinically proven, instantly age-defying”

Containing a mix of oils , peptides, gum and plant stem cells, these formulas are clinically proven to boosts skin plumpness, firmness and tone, for ultimate hydration and radiance. I use both the serum and the cream, but the cream is the one that really does it for me. It makes my skin really fresh and dewy, so even if I’m not wearing makeup, I feel a little bit more polished – and I’m in good company, 100% of people in the trials agreed it made their skin look younger, smoother and firmer.


Skyn Iceland Under-Eye Illuminator

“Lightens, brighten and recharges tired eyes”

With claims like that, YES PLEASE. A fast absorbing, water based gel serum that contains hyaluronic acid (the magic stuff in injectable fillers used to freshen faces) and a mix of oils, root extracts and various other wonderments. I think it works – and lets face it, it really has its work cut out on me!

Botanico Vida Omega Oil

“Clinically proven, organic, 100% natural multi purpose skincare solution”

A natural, more luxurious, effective and ethical alternative to bio-oil, this Omega oil formula is my new cabinet staple. You can use it for almost any skin ailment – for stretch marks, scars, to hydrate ageing or dry skin, for babies cradle cap, as a massage oil and as a luxurious facial treatment (I like leaving it on overnight to really sink in). It comes in a spray which is useful when using all over your body and the best bit? Its hero ingredient is Sacha Inchi Seed Oil, an indigenous and highly nutritious plant originating from Peru that it is part of a project to reforest the amazon and rebuild forest communities.

  • £18.50
  • Available from their website 
  • 20% discount using the code ‘BumpsBabies’ when shopping from their website
  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly

SkinYoga Almond Orange face Scrub

“Works wonders to cleanse and repair your skin”

Made with simple, natural and organic ingredients, including orange peel, chickpea flour and turmeric, this SkinYoga scrub is a totally unique product – its actually a dry powder that transforms into a paste when you add a little water. It hydrates and exfoliates as you use it, and as an extra indulgent treat you can leave the paste applied to your skin as a face mask.


PHB Facial Cleanser

“To Deep Cleanse Skin, Remove Makeup & Provide a Nourishing Skin Boost”

A cream cleanser that effectively removes all traces of makeup, improves skin elasticity,contains organic rosehip oil to support collagen and jasmine and rosemary oils to nourish. PHB are a great ethical brand with an entirely vegan product range – and they donate 20% of profits to charity!

  • £15.95
  • Available from Holland and Barrett or the PHB website
  • Cruelty free and vegan friendly


What are your favourite products? I love hearing about new brands and any tried and tested favourites, do let me know below in the comments,

Roxy x


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  1. 21st April 2017 / 11:56 am

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I’m also looking for more vegan beauty brands (I just started!)
    your sharing is truly helpful!

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