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Towards the end of my pregnancy with Phoenix, reality set in and I began to feel worried about how I would cope with three little ones. I had flashbacks of the early days with the girls, and wondered how I was going to manage two 2.5 year olds who are largely dependent on me, and a baby who was entirely dependent on me at the same time as looking after the house, the dog, y’know, maybe, myself occasionally… Fast forward a few weeks and we were home from hospital with this sweet tiny human, who was chilled and content, fed well, slept well… “RESULT!”, I thought, this is going to be a breeze… A few days into this new life and I realised I may have misjudged everyones needs, and miscalculated my number of limbs. Although he was content and calm, he liked to feed, alot, his preference was also to be in my arms, rather than anywhere else, and this was becoming quite the challenge. Having experienced baby days with two babies, I know how quickly this time flies by, and whilst I wanted to hold him 24/7, breath him in and make the most of these snuggley days, having two little girls that needed my help to use the potty, dress/ undress, help with toys and activities, at mealtimes, not to mention all the preparation and clearing up around these events and general household chores  – meant I was going to have to adapt if I was going to nail this ‘mum of three’ gig.

One of my friends had also recently had a beautiful little boy (Hello Issac!) , “wear him” she said, “its a game changer”. This “baby wearing” malarkey was new to me, we had occasionally used ergos for off-road adventures with the girls, but I had never really got on with them, I found them bulky and the girls never seemed comfortable.

The next morning I had an email in my inbox, its always exciting when the subject reads “Invitation to collaborate…”, and the first line of the email read “We are hoping you may be interested in wearing your new little baby, close to your heart…” Now I don’t know if you believe in magic, but I do. There have been so many times in my life where synergy of my thoughts, wants and needs has manifested into a real life scenario, thats its impossible to believe that these events are coincidence, and however big or small the “coincidence”, it has made me believe that magic is never far away…

ethical eco green living lifestyle fashion blog

Shortly after receiving that amazingly timed email, we were the proud owner of two amazing Chekoh slings. They are made of 95% bamboo (environmentally friendly as it can be grown quickly, and without pesticides) which makes them super soft and because these wraps have no belts, buckles, clips, bulky fabrics or padding involved,they cocoon baby in a natural carry hold, close to the warmth of your body and the sound of your heart, that creates the most womb-like environment. They look complicated, but they are super easy to tie around you (Chekoh provides an easy to follow demonstration here, as well as a comprehensive FAQ’s section on their website, plus are super friendly and always available to contact for support or should you have any questions), they are fully adjustable to any size of wearer, making them great for dads too, they also come in a range of colours and designs to match your mood and outfit.

ethical eco green living lifestyle fashion blog

Not only does wearing Phoenix mean I am able to keep him upright immediately after feeding, it can sooth him if he is fussing, providing the comfort and closeness he needs whilst allowing me to be hands free to do all the glam mum-things like y’know, washing out the potties!

ethical eco green living lifestyle fashion blog

Being a mum of three little ones so close in age is the life I have always dreamed of, but like the best things in life, it doesn’t come easy and it has its fair share of challenges. I can honestly say, that being able to wear Phoenix in this way has revolutionised our life, especially at home. It allows me to be present, hands free and able to participate in painting and arts and crafts activites at our kitchen table with the girls, it allows me to prepare fresh meals and do baking with the girls, its meant I can do laundry and household bits – all whilst keeping my newborn happy, snug and safe, without comprimising what he needs, including being able to kiss his head and bop his little nose!  It also means I can wear him and push the girls in their buggy if we need to go further than the local shop, (I’ll be honest, I haven’t quite found the energy to try that yet!), it is amazing for travelling as it folds up so small into my hand luggage, and I wear him on our off road adventures (like to the sand dunes, as in these pics), meaning with something so beautifully simple, we can live our life as an expanding young family, in exactly the way we want to.

Find out more about Chekoh on their website, and shop their awesome range of wraps, from $75 AUS (approx £42) here. 

Thankyou Nikki & Krystal @ Chekoh for coming to my rescue and sending us these great slings. Phoenix and I are eternally grateful! x 




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