Valentines gifts, (or just an excuse for a treat…)

Valentines gifts, (or just an excuse for a treat…)

Valentines, schmalentines… Another day made up, in the name of consumerism… “BUY MORE STUFF!” (Eye roll!)

Alex (my “other half”/ hubby-to be) is pretty bah humbug about Valentines, which I have come to accept, but in all honesty, I am up for celebrating commitment, devotion, and love, whether that is in sexual relationships, or between family and friends. Love is what makes the world go round, brings people together, keeps people together, connects people, lifts people up, gives people hope, and I’m sure we all could do with a little extra sprinkling of it. Yes its cheesy having a day dedicated to it, but you know what, there are worse things in the world than making a bit of extra effort to show the people we love, that we care.

I love hearing about brands that do things differently, either with great ethics or efforts in sustainability, so here is a round up of some of the best ones I’ve come across recently, that would make great Valentines gifts (if thats your thing), or just a fab treat for yourself or someone you cherish…

Buddha Boxersbamboo underwear ethical eco fashion blog

Sustainable, bamboo mens underwear

Traditional cotton farms are really water intensive, and use toxic pesticides and fertilisers which pollute the environment. By using bamboo viscose, Buddha Boxers are much more environmentally friendly, plus they have a sleek, minimal design, are more breathable than cotton – and are meant to be super comfy!

Check out the Buddha Boxers Kickstarter Pre-launch here

Aqua-oleumvegan organic luxury skincare

Natural, organic and vegan skincare

Beautifully branded, these skincare products are cruelty free, vegan society approved, and made using the highest quality essential oils from ethical, and sustainable sources.

A few of my picks from their range;

Borage oil moisturising skin care, the richest known source of the essential fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), invaluable for cellular skin regeneration, £14.95

Jasmine & sandalwood massage oil, apparently Jasmine is known as ‘queen of the night’, as the scent is stronger after dark!? Well now you know…, £7.75

Rose water, floral aqua spray for face and body, £3.95

Available from their website, with 15% off the Rose range to celebrate Valentines

Booja Boojabooja booja vegan chocolate ethical

The BEST vegan chocolate

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Booja Booja is AMAZING. Even if you have no interest in veganism, you must try this brand. The chocolate “ice cream” is made with 4 ingredients, Cashews, water, agave and cacao – and it tastes like the most luxurious truffle ice cream you can imagine. Divine. Do it!

For stockists (Waitrose & Holland and Barrett do stock some of the range) and to find out more about Booja Booja vegan chocolates check out their website



Bar Jewellerysustainable ethical fashion

Ethical and sustainable jewellery

Modern, minimal jewellery, made using recycled materials, with recycled packaging, made by hand in London.

My favourite pieces;

O Ring, Gold plated, £45

Luna earrings, Sterling silver, £80


Unique Air Planteco conscious green blogger

Grow a succulent without soil

We have one of these in a copper geometric wall hanger in our bathroom. There are incredible plants, which require no soil, or water. They look lovely placed in crystal geodes or old jars, you could even get creative and add some pebbles from the beach…

Available from Etsy, approx £16


Lov underwearethical eco organic fashion

Sustainable womens underwear

Designed and produced in Europe, Lov uses only organic fabrics and nickel-free accessories (e.g. locks and sliders) to create underwear for women, in muted colours, with a hugely powerful, body positive image.

Prices from €42 (£38), and available from their website 



I would love to hear what you think about Valentines, let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget – champagne is always vegan, so go on, treat yourself…


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